Jamie Foxx Celebrates His 41st Birthday in Vegas

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The bubbly was flowing and the party got poppin’ to celebrate Jamie Foxx’s birthday at TAO Nightclub in Vegas last night, and his big homie, Diddy, was there to help out. Who wants to bet that Foxx fella got after some “birthday cakes” last night?

More pics for your viewing pleasure below.

A few more when you pop the hood…

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  • bobobobo

    he got to suck Diddy’s shaved balls!



  • bobobobo

    I am first!!!!!!Yeah

  • bobobobo

    @ cream

    No you not!

  • MsThang1530

    I know that they had alot of fun wish that i could have been there. And i didnt know that Jamie was 41.

  • liliana_sanchez

    at 41 years old, he should stay at home get married and stop parting like if he was 20. men need to grown, i dont know why they want to act like kids.

  • MsThang1530


  • Makizar

    he looks sharp but what’s with the placemat around his neck?

  • BROOKLYN we go hard

    @ bobobobo
    Shyte I thought the same thing. Entertainers nowadays are fugazee

  • hey girl

    Ha ha ha … yeah 41, perhaps he should settle down. But his lifestyle may require the parties and the metrosexual scarf. ha ha ha

  • Dark Chile

    1. Bless him for celebrating 41 years (there were prob some where a bday was more of a struggle than a celebration)-he’s come a long way since In Livin’ Color!
    2. Alot of metro brothas are now rockin’ the Oscar de la Renta neckwear swag…not sure I’m feeling it.
    3. Why is the fella in the white looking at Foxx like he’s Eddie Murphy and the other is Johnny Gill? My my my my my my my….
    4. I want some of that dayum cake!


    he look like 51

  • meka

    i think he is so hot,did you see him in The Kingdom? OMG, i about lost it with them big arms.

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    top twizzy!!!

  • ericka

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  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Got cake?

  • henry

    whoa whoa….not a good look

  • Adwar Knowledge

    Congrats to Jamie! He came a long way from his Living Color days.

  • http://www.j.com noelle

    Ilove cake. And that TAO icing looks dry.

  • http://www.j.com noelle

    Poor Avril looks like a lost puppy:(. he should have cream cheese icing

  • Star Rocking Mockishly

    Jamie looks as if he doesn’t like Puffy in the first pic, but is trying to be pleasant

  • jandsmama

    Yeah I’m with you Sanchez. Foxx, Diddy and all these other yahoos are the old men in the club and don’t even know it. Not cool to be hoeing around and be over the hill. Somebody will have to roll your old ass around so you better start looking for wifey material now.

  • sweetness in your tea

    41 and still no wife. either the gay rumors are true or he’s a loser. i vote gay.

  • ...YUP!

    i vote gay 2! superhead told on him ..look up his interview with her on youtube

  • Black Barbie

    He looks older than 41 to me!

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