Where is Chris Brown? Karrueche Gets Kissy Faced In The Club With Another Dude

- By Bossip Staff

Karrueche Spotted Partying With Another Guy

Have all of Breezy and Rih’s shady shennanigans finally gotten the best of Karrueche?

The ride or die sidechick was spotted gettin her love in the club on last night and even tweeted a photo of herself all hugged up on some dude who wasn’t her blondielocks boo-thang Breezy with the caption:

“Forgot this from last night…my hair weave killa.”

Even though crunchy Karrueche probably really has had enough of the Chrihannafest and is two steps from giving Breezy the boot, we’re not sure she’d put herself on blast with another dude just yet…

What say you Bossip fam? Is Karrueche giving Breezy a taste of his own medicine? Or is this ‘just a friend?’

Image via Twitter

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