For Discussion: Philly Man On Death-Row For Killing Childhood Rapist To Be Executed Next Month, Does He Deserve Death Penalty???

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A judge has granted a new evidence hearing for a killer set to be executed next month after he has claimed he was sexually abused by his victims when he was a child.

Terrance ‘Terry’ Williams admits he killed Amos Norwood with a tire iron at age 18, months after killing another man. He now says Norwood, 56, had been sexually abusing him since he was 13.

In a new affidavit, co-defendant Marc Draper said he told detectives and a prosecutor that Williams ‘snapped’ over his relationship with Norwood, information they discouraged him from telling the jury.

A Philadelphia judge has now granted a new evidence hearing for Williams, who is due to be execute October 3, so she can hear from Draper and the trial prosecutor.

He claims that both men, Norwood and 50-year-old Herbert Hamilton, had molested him. Hamilton was found naked with his throat cut on his kitchen floor in January 1984, when Williams was 17.

He has exhausted his appeals, but could win a reprieve if he can prove the government withheld evidence or otherwise interfered with his 1986 trial, public defender Shawn Nolan said.

Norwood’s widow, several jurors and death-penalty opponents, including Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, are among those urging that Williams’ life be spared.

Williams, is set to be executed on October 3. He would be the first person executed in Pennsylvania since 1999.

Let’s make something clear, it’s NEVER right to kill some with the exception of acting in self-defense. But 30 years is more than enough time for a crime of passion from a victim of sexual assault. The idea of him giving his life on top of what he has already lived (loss of a childhood, a promising adulthood, and guilt of taking a life.)

Do you think Terry deserves the death penalty or should his life be spared?

To sign a petition for Terry’s clemency click HERE


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