Some Positive Preciousness: 3-Year-Old Saves His Aunt’s Life After She Has A Seizure

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Toddler Saves His Aunts Life After She Suffers A Seizure

A 3-year-old little boy who was present when his aunt passed out from a seizure proved that bravery come in all sizes when he ran to get help and ultimately saved her life.

Most three-year-old boys would panic if they saw their aunt collapse to the ground from a seizure. But not Tyrone Copeland (pictured) of Wilmington, Delaware.

WPVI-TV in Philadelphia reports that the little superhero knew exactly what to do when his aunt passed out in a public park in Wilmington.
“Her got hurt and they took her to the hospital,” Tyrone said.

The little tot ran through the park, crossed a local street and approached two strangers to tell them about his aunt’s condition.
“He is just amazing because he knew his name, he knew his address, and he told us concisely what was wrong and where to go,” said Paula Thomas.

Thomas and another friend were outside of their home when the Copeland came asking for their help.

“His exact words were ‘she was laying there and she’d had a seizure and her mouth was closed, and she didn’t open her eyes and she was having a she wasn’t moving,” Thomas explained. The two women ran to the little boy’s aunt and called 911. Paramedics quickly arrived at the scene and rushed the woman to the hospital where she recovered. WPVI-TV reports that the boy’s family was surprised to learn of the boy’s poise.

Awww how precious. Hats off to this heroic little angel!


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