True Or False: Is Paranoia Over Stalkers And The Paparazzi Pushing Halle Berry Toward A Psychotic Break???

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Poor Thang! As if she wasn’t already crazy enough, friends of Halle Berry say she is dangerously close to losing her mind thanks to the paranoia that has resulted from multiple close calls with stalkers and the paparazzi. While she’s hopeful a judge will grant her permission to move her young daughter Nahla to Paris along with her new fiance Olivier Martinez, some say she will completely lose it if the courtroom outcome doesn’t end with that result!

A beleaguered HALLE BERRY is heading for an emotional meltdown as she fights a nasty custody battle over her 4-year-old daughter Nahla, say sources.

The bitter court case, in which Halle is trying to get permission to move to France with Nahla, comes on the heels of two terrifying stalker threats, pushing the academy award winner to the edge, fear friends.

“Halle is paranoid and her nerves are as frayed as I’ve ever seen them,” revealed a pal. “She fears every camera flash that goes off in her face and sincerely believes she or her daughter is going to come to serious harm if the two remain in Los Angeles.

“Friends are worried she’s going to fall off the edge.”

The custody hearing is just the latest of several heated court battles the 46-year-old beauty has waged with Nahla’s father, model Gabriel Aubry, since their 2010 split.

Earlier this year, Aubry’s nanny filed a battery report against him, claiming he pushed her while holding

Nahla. Just months later, Aubry, 35, won a victory when the court awarded him $20,000 a month from Berry in child support. Since then, Halle has been seeking court approval to relocate to France with Nahla and her fiance, French actor Olivier Martinez.

Aubry has vigorously contested the move, and the two are nearing the end of a month-long trial in a Los Angeles courtroom to determine the outcome.

Halle has plenty to worry about if she’s forced to remain in Los Angeles, say insiders. In January, 28-year-old Richard Franco was hit with five year’s probation and a 10-year protective order to stay away from the “X-Men” star after he was caught trespassing on her property three times in July 2011.

Even more frightening, another stalker who’d threatened to slit Halle’s throat, 54-year-old Robert

Hoskins, briefly escaped from a mental hospital in February.

“These horrible events are scary enough for Halle, but now that she is a mom, she feels both she and Nahla are targets,” said her pal.

“That’s why if a judge blocks the move to France, we all fear the worst. It could send her spiraling further downward. “If she can’t find some peace, Halle is in danger of an emotional collapse.”

We know it’s unrealistic to roll around with bodyguards 24/7 it seems like at this point it’s worth Halle’s sanity to invest in more security.

Do you think Halle’s fears are unfounded or is it normal to feel this way after being threatened by random strangers?

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