Labor Day: The Odd Demands, Traditions And Rituals These Celebrities Went Through While Delivering Their Babies

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Weird Celebrity Birthing Rituals

Celebrities are weird. They’re freaks. They’re high-maintenance. And they’re extra. So when they have their babies they come up with all sorts of different special ways to have their kids. While we just go ahead and have our babies in the hospital or home like normal people, these celebrities go a little extra.

Take a look at these unusual measures they took.

Erykah Badu – She had a natural home birth in a tub when she had Andre 3000’s baby. He actually caught the baby! But when she had Jay Electronica’s baby, they tweeted it!

Kourtney Kardashian – She grabbed her own baby out of her hoo ha and delivered it. WTF?!

Beyonce – They allegedly had to get a full floor to the hospital to get her privacy. That’s serious business.

Mariah Carey – She demanded that “We Belong Together” get played as her babies were strutting out of her womb.

Mel B – She made sure she had her baby in the same room that Victoria Beckham had her kid.

Kelly Preston – She demanded that she have a scientologist birth, meaning total silence in the delivery room. No one was allowed to talk.

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    Katie Holmes – She had a psycho scientology birth too

    Angelina Jolie – She flew to distant locales in other countries for privacy. She had her first kid in Namidia and the second in Providence. Must be nice…

    Jessica Alba – She used some sort of yoga practice and didn’t moan or say a word while delivering the baby. That’s a strong woman.

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