Race Matters: Country Singer Randy Newman Makes Up Some Racist Lyrics For Satirical Song “I’m Dreaming Of A White President” [Video]

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At least somebody gets it… Singer Randy Newman is making jabs at the racist fools in this country who believe Barack Obama deserves the heave ho just because he’s black:

Via NY Daily News:

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter is out with a new song that is raising some eyebrows for using bigoted lyrics to make a political point about “racism in America.”

“I’m dreaming of a white President,” he sings, taking on the persona of a racist voter, “Just like the ones we’ve always had. A real live white man, who knows the score, how to handle money or start a war, wouldn’t even have to tell me what we were fighting for.”

He sings that a white president would know that “the law of the jungle is not the law of this land,” although he “won’t have a pretty jump shot.”

“He won’t be the brightest, perhaps, but he’ll be the whitest,” Newman concludes. “And I’ll vote for that.”

Newman explained the song on his website, saying he often writes in character and that listeners “can’t always trust or believe the narrators” in his songs.

He said he was inspired to write the song by some of the debate about President Obama’s presidency — which he believes is fueled in part by his race.

“I think there are a lot of people who find it jarring to have a black man in the White House and they want him out,” he wrote. “They just can’t believe that there’s not a more qualified white man. You won’t get anyone, and I do mean anyone, to admit it.”

While Newman’s most recent hits have been for family films like “Toy Story,” he’s also known for his political satire.

“A Few Words in Defense of Our Country,” written in 2006, he predicted the country’s decline.

“The end of an empire is messy at best, and this empire is ending like all the rest,” he sang.

Newman wants this latest song to encourage listeners to vote in November.

“Anyway the guy in this song may exist somewhere,” Newman wrote on his website. “Let’s hope not.”

Newman is offering the song for free online, but encouraging listeners to make a donation to the United Negro College Fund.

Is making fun of the issue going to help matters or do you think this joke will go over most folks heads???

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