Hide Ya Kids: Mom Angry That 6 Minutes Of A Freaky Flick Mysteriously Interrupted Children’s Disney Movie

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Whoa there…

North Carolina Mom Angry That Children Saw Adult Film While Watching Cartoon

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Usually Disney films warm our hearts. But this time a Disney film faded away and freakiness took its place.

Hardcore sex inexplicably aired in the middle of a “Lilo and Stitch” broadcast on the Disney Channel. And one North Carolina mother isn’t happy that a satellite service exposed her children to freaky flicks.

Georgie Brown recorded the PG-rated animated movie for her three children. The kids loved the zany antics of the fictional alien Stitch. Brown pressed play and exited the room. But about a minute into the movie, much more adult antics appeared on the television in their Fairview, N.C., home.

The images from the Disney film pixilated and disappeared. Then footage of a man and woman having sex appeared before Brown’s one-year-old son, three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. The porn lasted for six minutes before returning to the family film.

Needless to say, mom wasn’t feelin’ it.

“I just heard things that probably shouldn’t be on ‘Lilo or Stitch,'” Brown told Fox Carolina. She rushed into the family room to turn the adult film off. Her daughter cried and her oldest son covered his ears as he ran from the room.

At first she thought her children changed the channel but soon discovered that the footage was part of the Dish Network broadcast.

John Hall, senior manager of corporate communications for Dish, said that the company does not downplay the importance of this mishap.

“We are taking this matter very seriously. Our engineering groups are actively investigating these reports,” John Hall, senior manager of corporate communications for Dish, told the Daily News.

Hall goes on to say:

“As a matter of long practice,” Hall said, “we have strong technical and operational controls in place, including content encryption, to ensure that customers receive content they want and, as importantly, are prevented from seeing content they do not want.”

Wonder if this woman can get a couple dollars outta this thing?

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