When The Checks Stop Coming In: Deelishis

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a new ‘ECM or Eye Candy Modeling’ ad campaign featuring FL 2’s Deelishis. Once the VH1 promotional checks stopped, we saw her trying to be a singer.

Poor thang. What’s up with the FUBU floors at the shoot?

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  • T-Bone

    Cant hate on a ho u gotta play to yo strenks go on ho do yo thang and get that money.

  • Not You

    How ’bout you get a real job, Deelishshis or however you spell that mess?!?!

  • Thai

    Get it together for your baby ma!

  • crazy


  • alicyclic

    real talent

  • Smiling Bob

    tyeh eksy ponm my kleryubnopasrtds…

    Oops sorry. The keys on my keyboard were stuck together. STICKY ICKY ICKY!!!!!!!OOOOOH WEEEEEE

  • Laleezy

    Damn she really had me fooled on FL2 talking about her degree in English… Put it to use girl and get up off the floor..

  • Marsha

    ^ she never had me fooled, i knew she was just like the rest the whole time

  • Sam I AM

    these are old pictures….hopefully she didn’t regress back into this nonsense but then again…

  • **FineAsWine**


  • me

    that is straight disgusting. far be it for to begrudge anybody’s hustle but that picture is flat-out nasty and distasteful.i wonder was she considering her child while on all fours. here’s some advice: get off your hands and knees and find a more respectable way to earn a living, for your child’s sake at least. yuck!

  • me

    Wow that’s so not cute. I’m not hating on her or anything but she once talked about being classy and yet this is quite trashy…rather digusting.

  • me

    Wow that’s so not cute. I’m not hating on her or anything but she once talked about being classy and yet this is quite trashy…rather disgusting.

  • The Real Essence 1

    Is this really her? I hope that she has not resorted to this tasteless display.

    I never understood why some women feel the need to degrade themselves dang if times are hard go get temp job be a receptionist for a few weeks til you land a better gig.

    Especially a woman with a young daughter- SMH!

  • Mahogany

    lmao @ the wonkness that is her eye…

    Who in the hell cleans those floors???

    I know hard wood *wink wink*;) can be hard to control but damn.

    It looks horrendous.

  • Yes I Said It

    If her daughter sees that picture one day, how is she going to explain this to her child?

    Or how can she tell her daughter not to start acting like this herself one day, if she’s done this mess herself?

    I’m telling you. People do this kinda mess just trying to make that paper, but they dont think about how it might affect their kids one day.

  • Seghana

    I know it smells!!! She use to be a man anyway!!

  • http://suchshame.com Bruhmann

    Heyyyyyyy…I thought her baby’s daddy had “money on top of money”. If that’s true she shouldn’t have to always be showing her A$$. You don’t ever see Kim Porter or any of Puff’s baby mamas ass up and face down.

  • Relle

    Such a friggin’ lady.

  • Lost One :)

    Sad, super sad! I thoght she had class, Naw,,after all she was on Flava of Love……

  • wtg

    1. Not cute your somebody’s momma

    2. Airbrushed to the max

    3. You slept with Flava Flav

    4. You slept with Busta

    Your not deelish…your disgusting!


    DAMN!!!!!! And I mean that in a bad way

  • mzc2u

    She is showing the only thing rememberable about her – HER ASS!!

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    PUT IT AWAY. This is so trashy.

  • Shasta

    She slept with Flave

    She doesn’t have any other talents

    Maybe she is fulfilling her life long ambitions

    Did you expect anything else?

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