TwitPic POTUS: President Barack Obama Posts 40/40 Club Party Picture Glad-Handing The Camel And Bey Bey

- By Bossip Staff

Ol’ Barry O looks right at home hob-knobbin’ with hip-hop’s first family

President Obama Posts TwitPic Of Himself With Jay-Z And Beyonce

We we’re kind of surpirsed to see Instagram and TwitPics pop up from Camelman and Beyonce’s $40,000 Fundraiser last night at the 40/40 Club in NYC last night. But then again, the Secret Service probably took so many security measures prior to the event that not even an once of fawkery would be tolerated.

There is no official word where this picture came from. Though we’re inclined to believe a White House shutterbug snapped the candid moment between The POTUS, The GOAT-Camel, and baby mama Bey Bey.

It’s election time, and the Obama campaign is full speed ahead trying to pander to the young, “hip-hop” demographic that helped him move his belongings to the nation’s capitol in 2008.

November 6th isn’t far away at all, make sure you are registered to vote in this years presidential election.

Image via Twitter

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