Some Monday Comedy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This guy has a lot of heart. Peep your boy about to pass the f*ck out after that great feat. LOL

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  • sweetone

    1st again

  • it's me dammit!!

    Oh I can’t believe it I’m 1ST!!!!!1 Dam that was funny!

  • richie

    HAHAHA!! Damn, he EARNED that dollar bill!

  • Re

    OH NO!

    No wonder he’s so toned…LOL @ his butt muscles clenching…

  • Re

    That was straight up dry humping.

  • Re

    Are they in a gymnasium? Or an abandoned warehouse?

  • Aunt Viv

    Ick Ick Ick! Kudos to the brotha for his effort

  • kahmmillion

    I bet you his dump ass got a hernia from that ish! Some guys are so stupid for dollar bills! SMH

  • Cee


  • Miami Queen

    I bet she smelled like day old cheese!!

  • d303

    that brotha can not move today……
    THAT is the man of the year!
    SMH at the brotha who could not pick my 5ft 9″ 156lb ass up…..put yo back into it damn it!!!!


    I knew a stripper and he said many of them do that with big women because they gain more money for being so bold and picking them up.


    Yo dats more weight than I could bear. Props to him.

  • Detroiter4Life

    @ Hell Naw…….I agree….LMBAO!! I can’t stop laughing at this BS!! I can’t believe he did that………what a dummy but somehow I can’t stop thinking just how brave he truly is……LMAO!!LOL!!

  • chaka1

    now its my turn…

  • chaka1

    OMG…Do you see the people on the front row fanning themselves? Lawd Jeezus, be some central air conditioning…

  • Whut??

    WOW! He’s like a super hero or something. I bet he do have special powers 😉

  • Black Beauty

    too funny!!!

  • daughtercreole

    I almost feel bad…What eva pain he suffers with from this “experience”…I hope the dollar bill given covers it

  • Jewish Baby

    why people?

  • She'naenae

    HE CAN GET IT! a lot less meat over here…but i’ll still keep him satisfied oooooooh

  • BruddahNoomsay

    Damn….dry humping fat chicks to make a buck…..this recession is no joke people!

  • Dizzy McElroy

    Who took the time to find this video?

  • Marshabio


    Now, that’s what I call a real man!

  • brightseat_bully

    Y’all need to respect the dead. You know he walked off stage and died like John Henry.

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