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Stop!!! Put the sushi roll down and read this…there’s a new study out there that’s found extremely high levels of arsenic in rice. Consumer Reports already came out with their Apple Juice study earlier this year and now we’re finding out that rice has high amounts of the chemical too?!?! SMH

According to the study, rice with the highest levels of arsenic comes from Texas, Louisiana, and portions of the Gulf Coast that used to grow cotton; since arsenic-filled pesticides were used to kill the boll weevil (a beetle that feeds on cotton buds and flowers), the chemical is STILL in the soil after more than a century ago! As the rice grows, arsenic enters and concentrates into the plant. Since the shell is still on brown rice, it’s actually more harmful than white as far as the levels are concerned.

In case you didn’t know, arsenic causes lung, skin, and bladder cancer. Rice is a main staple in many cultures AND food ingredients, buyer beware!

According to CBS News…

…arsenic is also very harmful to babies’ brain development. If a baby is exposed to arsenic in the womb because the mother is eating arsenic or if a baby ingests arsenic in the first months of life in cereal, rice milk or other food, the arsenic could interfere with brain development, reduce the child’s intelligence, and cause behavioral problems.

Landrigan recommended in the coming months and years that parents avoid rice altogether or just rice that was grown in Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri. “Stay with California rice, stay with Asian rice or when in doubt go with barley, go with oatmeal,” he said. “The smart thing to do is to be concerned and not do it. … Just avoid the rice.”

Asked about adults eating rice, Landrigan said it’s smart to limit the amount of rice you eat, but that you don’t have to cut it out entirely.

If you’re asking yourself why you’re just hearing about this now…blame the FDA. They don’t warn consumers about this kind of isht because there are NO federal standards for how much arsenic is allowed in food!!!

The FDA has released a statement on arsenic, saying, “Based on the currently available data and scientific literature the FDA does not have an adequate scientific basis to recommend changes by consumers regarding their consumption of rice and rice products”

That’s right! The Food And Drug Administration has got nada to say about rice and high arsenic levels. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg actually said that consumers shouldn’t stop eating rice, though she does encourage a “diverse diet”, you know, just in case:

“Our advice right now is that consumers should continue to eat a balanced diet that includes a wide variety of grains — not only for good nutrition but also to minimize any potential consequences from consuming any one particular food,” she said.

We all know the FDA doesn’t have consumers best interests in mind. If you can’t regulate isht because corporations control you then we’ll have to keep spreading the word on crucial news like this on our own!

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