McCain To Endorse Palin? Hell Naw!!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

While speaking to ABC’s “This Week,” McCain was asked if Sarah Palin could count on his support if she were to run for president. Peep what old dude had to say:

“I can’t say something like that. We’ve got some great other young governors. I think you’re going to see the governors assume a greater leadership role in our Republican Party.

Damn. He wouldn’t even support his own former running mate. Perhaps Palin should take his as a cue to keep her simple ass in that frozen remote backwoods of a state, and leave the governing to folks with an education. SMH.


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  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    am i really first….. let me check

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    Wow, is she serious?? Wow.

  • Candid Canuck

    come to the democratic party where the bruthas can run a train on you….

    @ ,b>xmas atx chick…,/b>
    you are whack for that speech above! SMDH

  • dayg715

    LOL, does this chick actually think she has a chance to become president? LMAO.

  • Allison Mae

    I want her to run in 2012. It will be easy like sunday morning for obama and his re-election!!!!

  • This I Know

    All Americans should be embarassed that a woman like Sarah Palin could even be considered for a career in politics, let alone a governor and vice presidential candidate. If this woman was black or ugly, she would be laughed at for even considering a political career. I guess stupid white people can really get ahead in the world. Look at the current president who just had shoes thrown at him in Iraq!

  • shar

    John McCain is too much of a serious man to endorse her – haha. All that in-fighting is funny.

  • Nina Knows

    @This I know… your right. She showed everyone how stupid America is. She is nothing more than a wack ass soccer mom. Damn I wished ol’ dude could have hit his ass with those shoes… come on, he threw both of them, and still didnt hit his ass. lol

  • MsFit

    …can’t wait to hear what Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the view has to say about this…LOL…

  • kahmmillion

    Hells naw….The funny part is them dumb arse crackers would really vote for her too. SMH

  • Fangbanger aka Sookie

    @ kahmmillion

    Hells naw….The funny part is them dumb arse crackers would really vote for her too. SMH

    The majority of ‘dumbass crackers’ voted for Obama a$$hole. So gtfoh.

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    Candid Canuck: oh really now give me more information please

  • Fangbanger aka Sookie

    Palin is a laughinstock.
    And anyone with any sense knew that in this election…and nothing will change by 2012.

    She’s had her 15 minutes. She’s trying to keep the momentum going, but it will fade fast.


  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    candid canuck: you know i would step to your level of immaturity but im not… i would cuss your ass out and make you feel stupid but im not so all i have to say is your just mad because you werent first. and have a merry christmas… god bless

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    white folks fake azz!

  • Candid Canuck

    @ Xmas aka WhackChick

    i’m not the one givin a speech for being “first” on a blog site….

  • Candid Canuck

    @ Xmas whack Chick

    Merry Xmas to you as well..

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    top twizzy >> MY BAD

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    u people are still snitchez tho

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Palin got played

  • Marc B's Honey...Mrs. Real Talk

    Are y’all seriously arguring over who posted the first comment?…lol-that’s cute

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    @marc b’s honey: he or she or it is serious arguing over me posting first i really could care less

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    @marc b’s honey: im not even on here all day get one post with someone new on it and here the drama goes… like i told him im not into childish games hell if i was into that i would be working at a daycare.

  • always knew

    well at least McLame finally told the truth…Which is…Palin was NEVER qualified for any office. She’s better as a talk show host, or sportscaster, like she used to do. She (Palin), will NEVER be ready for the highest office in the land. I would suport Hillary, over Palin, anyday..Palin sucks and her value system is all screwed up. She believes in teenage pregnancy, her daughter all over the web drinking and engaging in questionable behavior, Palin steals from taxpayers billing for time she hasn’t worked,abuse of power, $150,000K on clothes for her and her family, and the racist crap that continually falls out of her mouth…No, I said, he finally made the right statement, McLame knew all along, Palin was garbage……………..

  • leave-it-be

    <<<<>>> DONTCHA mR. pRESIDENT

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