Mos Def Being Sued by His Own Attorney

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mos Def’s attorney that represented him in a expensive divorce in 2006 claim they have yet to be paid for the work done:

Rapper/actor Mos Def has been landed with a $60,000 lawsuit from his own attorney, after failing to pay for an expensive divorce from his ex-wife. Bosses at legal firm Blank Rome claim the star – real name Dante Smith – owes them the sum in unpaid fees and retainers, after they helped untangle him from his marriage to Maria Yepes in 2006. A representative for the star failed to respond to requests for comment. It’s not the only legal mess Mos Def is in right now – he is facing charges of felony robbery and malicious destruction of private property after fashion photographer Volker Corell claimed the rap star ripped a camera from his neck, smashed it to the ground and then took off with it during a confrontation in Las Vegas in August.

Even though Mos has that lil’ felony charge out in Vegas, we are still giving the conscious brother a chance to explain himself. In the meantime, why do Bossipers think he hasn’t broken his attorney off with the ends he owes him?


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  • iluvprada


  • iluvprada

    Wow…dats messed up! Times is hard!

  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN!)


  • DETinATL

    3rd I’ll take it…

  • chucky1

    Need some stability and love for the Holidays

    Free sign-up!!!!!!

  • what happened to my name?

    chuck berry! dang, pay ya lawyer.

  • BKLYNZ OWN(another day another dollar)


  • Mock Rock Star

    Def U’re still my guy although I haven’t bought your album since the first one, but I dug your character and even seen U in Topdog/Underdog and last night in Cadillac Records and didn’t even know U were married and divorce…which brings me to this points…why when men portray themselves ass players and having all this access to woman they can’t ever seem to stay married…except LL Cool J (hopefully for ever, but for now)

  • This I Know

    I love Mos Def, but he seriously needs to get his finances – and his women – in check.

  • Oshie - Creole Baby was right, that Pop Champagne video is so gay.

    I love Mos. I would marry him… he does seem like he would be a little difficult though.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Mos Attorney gonna git his A-Rab Money

  • Aunt Viv

    He’s dirty but I find him attractive…

  • Jewish Baby


  • His E-Minence

    How is he dirty?


    That ain’t even his last ex wife, the last ex was a straight stripper ho…so no telling what mischeif this “conscious?” brotha has gotten himself into.

  • rhoniluv

    UMI SAYS…pay yo bills mo-fo!

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