Jesus Take The Wedding Ring: Man Allegedly Hires Hitman To Murk His Wife So He Can Be With His Mistress..And She Survives The Hit!

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This guy took his aint ishtness to another level…

Man Hires Hitman To Kill Wife So He Can Marry Mistress

A married man who allegedly hired a hitman to kill his wife so he could get his dirty-dog on with his mistress now has to face his wife in divorce court after she survived the attack.

via ABCNews:

One month after being shot in her driveway, allegedly by a hitman hired by her husband, a Texas woman appeared in court to face her estranged husband.

Prosecutors say John Howard, a successful accountant who sang in a church choir, had a secret life and paid a series of alleged hitmen over $100,000 to kill his wife so he could be with his mistress in California. Nancy Howard was shot in the driveway of her Carrollton, Texas, home on August 18.

The mother of three was in a coma for days after the bullet destroyed her left eye and lodged in her lung.

“I prayed through the whole incident and called on God to save me, and he did. He carried me through,” Nancy Howard told ABC News affiliate WFAA Tuesday as she walked into court.

John Howard admits to the affair that lasted four years, but denies having anything to do in his wife’s shooting and has pleaded not guilty to criminal solicitation.

Frank Howard, 52, attended the hearing still wearing his wedding band, hoping to reconcile with his wife. “I think they’ve got a possibility of doing that. I think they’re both people of strong faith; he’s been very active in his church for 30 years — 25 or 30 years — he sings in the choir,” said his lawyer.

So, not only does it sound like he actually did arrange this craziness, but dude also has the nerve to think that his wife should still stay married to him??? They say everything is bigger in Texas….maybe that’s why this guy is such a giant douchebag.

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