Bye Bye 106: The Most Drama-Filled Moments In 106 & Park History

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Craziest 106 & Park Moments

106 & Park has been around for a very long time, giving kids the hottest videos and news every day. While some of us have grown out of watching the show, kids still check it out five days a week. Rumor has it that the show is seeing its last days. Let’s take this time to reflect on the craziest, most dramatic and wild moments in the show’s history.

BTW, who was better? AJ and Free or Terrence and Rocsi?

The Webbie Incident – Terrence tried to get brolick with Webbie saying they kicked him off the show for being aggressive with Rocsi. Webbie fired back saying Rocsi was all about getting with him. Who knows?

The Fight – Rocsi and Terrence were good old-fashioned booty call buddies. Then he started clowning her on the air, causing her to storm off the set like a brat. It was hilarious.

Rocsi vs. 50 – They had a nice little spat when Rocsi said she thought Kanye was better. It was all awkward when they were on the show together.

The Kiss – Back when AJ and Free were on the show, Lil Wayne and Birdman walked on stage together and kissed on the lips. This was before the whole fuss about it so nobody paid attention. But looking back on it is very bizarre.

AJ Crying – When AJ and Free got bumped from the show, he cried like a baby on the air. Poor AJ. The crazy thing is he came up afterwards.

Free’s Booty – Nothing further to say.

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    Freestyle Fridays – These were always wild. Remember Jin killing everyone week after week?

    Trey Songz Smooch – Trey tried to steal a kiss from Rocsi and she rejected him! Surprising.

    Kanye’s Silent Treatment – Yeezy went on the show with 2Chainz and refused to speak to anyone because he didn’t want to be on in the first place. That’s Kanye for ya.

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