What’s The Deal, Fellas? Men Who Have Been Single Seemingly Forever!

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Men Perpetually Single

It seems extremely easy for the rich and famous to pull dimes and keep them forever. But some men, despite the fact they can get most women they want, tend to either be always single or damn good at hiding their relationships. So what’s the deal? These men sus or just really picky? You tell us.

Tyler Perry – Why oh why hasn’t he found a woman yet? And suggestions?

Drake – He’s had a few little flings but nothing serious. Maybe his love for Aaliyah keeps him warm at night.

Terrell Owens – He’s courting Jennifer Williams but he’s been single for a long time.

Tyrese – He seems to be spending all of his time lonely tweeting and wanting a woman to keep him warm. And teach him English.

50 Cent – Poor Chelsea broke his heart and he hasn’t been the same since. He had a little twitpic vacay with a boo but either he’s kept her quiet or that was a publicity thing.

Wale – Has Wale ever really had a woman? With all that lotus flower bomb isht he doesn’t ever have a boo on his arms.

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    Lupe Fiasco – He’s another one that we’ve never seen with a lady.

    The Rock – He hasn’t shown up with a woman since his divorce almost a decade ago.

    Eminem – We bet he’s been chopping down sistahs on the low for years.

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