Hang It Up, Madge

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The Material Geezer Girl was on stage in Rio de Janeiro last night. If this isn’t a sign that this dried up chick needs to retire I don’t know what is. Peep old ass Madonna busting her ass at the :38 mark. She then proceeds to suck face with one of her tired ass back up dancers. Pathetic.

Pop it to find out the latest development in Madonna’s divorce drama

Guy Ritchie received a divorce settlement from Madonna of almost £50 million, it was claimed today. It is thought to be a record divorce payout for a man from his ex-wife. The disclosure was made by a source close to Madonna angered by claims that Ritchie had walked away with little or none of the singer’s estimated £300 million fortune after their eight-year marriage ended in divorce last month.


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  • Hannibal

  • iluvprada

    N E X T!

  • CoCoPops

    Was she high?

  • http://luxury2go.ecrater.com Lux_Loofa

    is she hi? my sound wasnt working so i was trying to watch to see what yall was sayin. she was just walking back and forth like she was borrowing amy winehouse’s swag or sumthing.

  • This I Know

    I actually saw her in concert when she came to town two months ago. The current tour is not one of her best. I think Confessions and the Girlie Show tours were better. I don’t know if age is catching up with her or what, she really needs a new act right quick.

  • Raquel26

    She’s a has-been.

    Why do people in Hollyweird feel the need to “still be on top” after years of already being in the spotlight?? Its like they cant let go……

    Accept the fact that you are not hot anymore. Accept the fact that you now have kids to raise. Accept the fact that your days of Like a Virgin, and Material Girl are OVER!

    Dont cry for me Argentina….lol

    Madonna sit down!

  • Supernovanow

    That’s hilarious..she looks very awkward on stage now.. her swag has dried up and isn’t the same. She’s still paid though.



  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "The ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr"

    Look how boney she is…She probably fell from lack of leg strength…

  • jula

    LOL…is she drunk?

  • mama

    she has the best selling tour. your idol beyonce never did it in her peak and surely won’t do it now

  • chucky1

    Need some stability and love for the Holidays


    Free sign-up!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Cav

    She has seen her day… Hang it up, Madonna!

    Her veins and muscles are gross. She looks like a man.



  • dayg715

    PATHETIC is right. notice how the track keeps going even after she falls LOL. this lip syncing scuzzbucket should’ve hung it up 10 years ago.

  • zappy

    Is she on drugs?????????? what is this mess????? Are you sure this is a live concert, that people paid money and drove their car/took the bus to attend? Are you really, really, really sure?

    Check on all that and get back to us.


    hope granny didn’t break a hip!!

  • b'more


  • Aunt Viv


  • lady

    looks like she ment to do that.. didn’t really look like a fall.. she dosen’t look good at all, bony legs with muscle.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Chanel Shades

    Is that what the Kirbala teaches? That was a nasty show slipping and slopping through hell on earth. Hall naw to that. I think the ho fell and tried to play it off.

  • chaka1

    Her two best shows were the Blond Ambition and the ReInvention tours.

  • chaka1

    Madonna is still raking in those stacks though. I would ride those gimmicks straight into the ground for that kind of dough…


    Madonna is just a old used up ho who has done everything under the sun and dumb ass people still go and see the train wreck. Her and Britany are a joke.

  • pfht


    Her and Britney are a joke? Madonna is the most successful female artist of all time and Britney is the highest selling female artist of this decade. She also just outsold Beyonce, Kanye and Mariah’s first week sales with her new album “Circus” and her tour is already selling out. The only joke here is you. Ignorant cunt.

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