Fill in the Blank: Hottie and Sanjaya

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Super-delusional broad Hottie from Flavor of Love and American Idol reject Sanjaya Malakar attended the Fox Reality Channel Awards.

Fill in the Blank: If it weren’t for reality TV these two would be _______________.

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  • dicko

    first beyatches

  • Nicole


  • dicko

    Not be at te awards

  • me

    If it weren’t for reality TV these two would be… selling Indian hair (in the voice of Saphaaryi (which ever way you spell that ish).

  • Deebo

    asking me if I wanted fries with my meal…

  • me that's who

    sanjany irks the hell outta me with that dumb ass grin, know damn well he ain’t that damn happy standing next to hottie

  • I Stay SMH

    UNKNOWN losers!

  • JaliliMaster

    I can just imagine these two having sex. Hottie, or whatever her retarded name is would eat this lame ass dude alive!

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    her breast looks like they stink!!!!

  • chirosista

    “Working girl” (dramatic air quotes) and trick featured on Cops

  • Kay Phillips

    …these two would be “sucking each other’s dicks”.

  • Immabiggirl2

    Unknownlosers, right. Now they are just KNOWN LOSERS

  • Mahogany

    He would be helping her across the street w/ her wonky ass eye…..



    sanjaya is like a cute but annoying overgrown baby. i just want to cuddle him and smack his head at the same time


    gorgeous chocolate pixie

    her breast looks like they stink!!!!


  • I Stay SMH

    Hottie would still be on reality dating shows with the same whacked out weave…tryin to convince people that she is descendant of royalty, all the while wearing a jacked up ball gown with cottage cheese in her drawz.

    Sanjaya would still be at home brushing his my lil ponies hair and decorating it with ribbons

  • me that's who

    smh, my lil ponies, seriously, you know he play with them damn bratz dolls

  • me that's who

    lmmfao and why in the world would make you think that hottie got cottage cheese in her undies, i always thought it was more like sour cream

  • I Stay SMH

    memba when they hung her panties on the wall?

  • Bahama Mama

    well I’ll be george brown, what the hell r they doing together?? i mean neither of them r from our universe but they ain’t from the same one either…..weird

  • me that's who

    ahhahhahhahhahhah smh naw i can’t say i memeber that what, were they like stained and nasty, and who touched them????? ughhhhhhhh

  • I Stay SMH

    man she confused…don’t she know the foxxy brown mermaid look consists of sea foam green eye shadow and soft pink lips NOT taboo red??

  • I Stay SMH

    yeah they was crusty as hell…she tried to say they weren’t hers

  • I Stay SMH

    don’t remember…would find it on youtube for ya…but…well…you know how that goes…LMAO

  • ThaBossLadee

    Lol Lol LOL! I’m at loss for words on that one…

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