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Lil Wayne is featured in the new issue of Vibe magazine and there are excerpts from his very entertaining interview on the site. We already heard him explain why he had a baby and now this interesting character speaks on many other things from Steven Tyler to 50 Cent to Trey Songz.

Vibe: You must have the most unique voice in that world.

Weezy: Some people can’t sing and can just use their voice very uniquely. I was watching these clips on E! of the worst people singing the National Anthem and – what’s the dudes name from that rock group – the ni**a with the big lips?

Vibe: Steven Tyler.

Weezy: Steven Tyler? That’s the ni**a with the big lips? That ni**a’s like the worst ever! The secret – WHITE PEOPLE CAN’T SING UNLESS YOU’RE ROBIN THICKE!

Vibe: He’s the only one?

Weezy: I know they got more but I don’t feel like thinking right now. I just… I don’t care – f*ck them!

Weezy: Yeah, I said I’m a whore. I’m a whore. Whatever. And I live it to the fullest. I’m like Trey Songz, no homo.

Vibe: Huh? Why?

Weezy: Every picture of this ni**a, he got his f*cking shirt off! He’s looking at the camera like he’s looking at a hoe. I said, ya know what? Trey Songz don’t give a f*ck – he be like, F*ck ya’ll ni**as! I’m eating, bwoy! F*ck how you think I look in this picture, your hoe love this picture! It’s her screensaver ni**a! When you call your hoe, my song play, fool! Holla! Trey Songz I f*ck with you, you heard me?

Vibe: So you respect his gangster.

Weezy: I know he a G ’cause I tried to holler at his girlfriend and she said no.

Vibe: Really?

Weezy: I don’t even wanna put that man out there, that might not be his girlfriend, but in her mind she think she yours, dog, and she told me no for you, so you’s a G. And this wasn’t long ago, this was recently, I was the president, I had all that going for me, bitch said NO! She sent me a picture of y’all and everything, like that new video from 50 and Ciara, that’s how y’all was.

Vibe: Naked on top of each other?

Weezy: For real, I f*ck with Trey Songz, no homo.

Wow, those are some gems right there. We just love how he uses that “no homo” disclaimer more than once.

Go to Vibe.com for more excerpts from F. Baby.

Pics from Weezy’s Birthday party (I think this is the third party)on a yacht in Miami:

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  • Dr. Heather

    Idiots say the weirdest things.

  • chirosista

    First M-Fer

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    boy o boy?

  • http://fugmail.com me that's who

    ahhahhahhahhahhahh talking bout he tried to jack trey for his girl, lmmfao boy that damn wheezy know baby gon kick his ass for tyna holla @ them hoes

  • Licia

    Now that’s hot…What grade did he finish again? 8th?

  • http://www.haloscan.com/comments/moguldom/1409/?a=18403 Traycee

    He sure is kinda special!

  • Notahater

    wow…i just don’t know what to say about that

  • Mahogany

    They should’ve waited till he sobered up b4 that interview. That ecstasy has him all riled up!!

    Trey Songs is beautiful though.

    I wouldn’t cheat on his ass either.



  • Notch

    Morning yall

    where is the honeycomb hideout today?


    this guy needs to shut the f up. his comments as idiotic as they are, have some entertainment value.

  • She-Hova

    after this ish do u all really believe this kid was writing his own material?????? yo! he can’t even spit proper sentences! if i didn’t before, now i definetly believe Gillie da kid wrote this man lyrics!

  • http://fugmail.com me that's who

    lmao @ notch calling it a honeycomb hideout, macy gray 2 ma..

    oh, and trey songz can get it with his lil sessay self

  • BB

    SMH (Slowly). Now that should be a lesson to many young black people…Please stay in school. I know he has more money than I’ll ever see, but damn, elevate yourself.

  • Anonymous3

    I agree with the earlier poster…idiots say the weirdest things….unfortunately, he is indicative of some of the artists that are “hot” right now…give that person an interview where they have to talk and not rhyme and the real foolishness comes out….rididculous…

  • davis

    He is so ridiculous. Just Shut Up!

  • MrsThreatt

    So sad… how is it possible that this fool sounds twice as ignorant as he looks?!?

  • Ttime

    Ignorant is as ignorant does….

    As a community, we must really make it our mission to embrace children who do not have quality parenting. If we don’t–this is the result.

    And they just keep breeding like roaches. And to think that some people who would give a child the world are infertile and fools like this are able to procreate.

  • Bahama Mama

    HaHaHaHa….Tremaine is a hottie tho, i mean trey songs or weezy? that choice is so hard

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Who’s Trey’s girl? Lola Luv Angel?

    I couldn;t understand wtf he wuz sayin!

  • enigma0403

    Why the hell would I want to read the rest of this interview when those 20 seconds of reading this garbage gave me a headache. Interviewers should play back these interviews so these people can hear how stupid they sound

  • NAIS

    its so sad that when they do these interviews tey totally blow the illusion. Honestly from some of his rhymes (underground/mixtapes) it seems that Wayne is intelligent and well rad, guess i was wrong about that

  • me

    he must have been so high

  • http://yourbenefitmatters.blogspot.com ThaBossLadee

    mmm…Lil Wayne !

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  • NAIS

    BTW why are Weezy’s eyes so damned wide behind those glasses???

  • Mississippi Girl

    Ok………. Am I the only one that is confused with this interview? Was he high or something?

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