A Lil Coupled Up Positivity: King Bey, Hubby Hov And President Obama Wine And Dine Pennsylvania Couple Who Won Fundraiser Dinner Contest

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Pennsylvania Couple Wins Dinner With President Obama And The Carters

Last week in conjunction with the $40,000 per ticket re-election fundraiser that they threw in NYC for President Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce also offered Obama 2012 campaign supporters the chance to win dinner with the prestigious threesome by making a donation to the campaign…and it turns out it was actually legit.

The winning couple (pictured above) recently sat down with News One to chat about their experience of a lifetime:

Flying from Pennsylvania to New York, Erika Dungee, a kindergarten schoolteacher, and her husband Bill, a school administrator embarked on a night they would never forget.

NewsOne: How did you know about the contest?
Erika Dungee: Well, I got an e-mail saying that if you donated to the President’s campaign, that you’d be entered to win, you’d get the option to meet the President, so I thought that would be really awesome.

NewsOne: Once you got to the event, what did you discuss?
ED: We talked about teaching, and my husband is the business manager for the school district that I work at. We definitely talked about education because if it wasn’t for federal funds, our school would basically be closed. We definitely let them know that we, public schools, need to get that financial support from the government. Because if not, a lot of us would be shut down.

NewsOne: What is the impression you got from the President?
ED: With the President, it was just his voice; he was so warm and welcoming, and that was the first thing I felt from him.

BD: For me, he had like a kind of comedic personality. The other impression I had was of his swagger. He has a swagger to him that I’ve never seen a president have.

NewsOne: What about Beyonce and Jay-Z?
ED: As for Beyonce, she was just really down to earth. We talked about our kids. She was warm and really easy to talk to. Jay-Z was just cool with that signature laugh he has. Me and my husband were cracking up, because it’s different to hear it on tape than to hear it in person.

BD: Yes, I would definitely say Jay-Z’s laugh caught me off-guard. It was definitely signature. Beyonce, I would just say she’s more beautiful in person than she is on TV. TV doesn’t do her justice.

You can read the entire interview here.

Aw, how nice.  And they didn’t even have to spend 40,000 dollars fresh off of a recession.

Hit the flip to check out a few more candid pics from their dinner.

Images via Instagram/News One

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