Divorces: Jason Kidd’s Ex-Wife Joumana Admits She Had Their Son Steal His Phone From The Locker Room So She Could Snoop!

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Why is this broad still bringing up this old isht??? Five years after divorcing Jason Kidd, his ex-wife Joumana continues to relate stories about their drama in the press.

Via NYDailyNews Confidential:

After a tumultuous 10-year marriage to NBA star Jason Kidd , a messy divorce and five years raising her three kids as a single mom, Joumana Kidd is ready to come clean.

“People that I never would have thought abandoned me and the kids,” she tells Metropolis Nights Magazine in an interview out in full Oct. 1. “I kept thinking everyone was going to be in one room and jump out and say, ‘Surprise! We were just kidding.’”

She’s gone on to appear in VH-1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep,” but the demanding marriage prevented her from advancing her career on “Extra.”

“I don’t want to say I got blackballed, but it looks like you’re not driven when you turn down work because your husband has a home game,” she said.

Jason Kidd filed for divorce from Joumana in 2007, claiming that she was emotionally unstable and installed tracking devices in his car. In her counterclaim, Joumana alleged that Jason had carried on affairs with strippers, drank excessively and beat her. (Jason was arrested in 2001 for punching Joumana in the mouth.)

In the interview, she opens up about an incident at a New Jersey Nets game in December 2006 when she allegedly had her son steal Kidd’s phone from the locker room so she could go through his texts and yell at him from her courtside seats.

“I will say that most women put in that position would have acted the same way, or at least wanted to,” says the advice columnist. “Plus, it was blown up into something way bigger than it was. It was just his lawyers trying to paint a picture of me crossing boundaries and they did a good job of it. But it was far from the truth. And, it wasn’t as dramatic and amazing as they made it sound, although I kind of wish it was.”

Jason Kidd married model Porschla Coleman in 2011, but his vices from the first marriage may still be around: The Knicks star was arrested for a DWI in Southampton in July.

She does have one positive thing to say about the father of her children: “He is really is a talented and skilled basketball player.”

A spokesperson for Jason Kidd had no comment.

We get it, Joumana isn’t getting enough attention right now, but isn’t she doing herself a disservice still talking about this stuff, especially when Jason and his new wife aren’t exactly living “Happily Ever After?”

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