What You Talkin’ Bout? When Old A$$ Celebrities Go On Crazy A$$ Rants

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Rants From Old Celebrities

Old celebrities are national treasures. Old celebrities with bad tempers? They’re even more fantastic. There’s not much better than an older celebrity going ham when in front of a microphone. Celebrities spazzing out on other celebrities or the issues of the world already creates tons of lulz and hilarity.

Let’s reminisce on some of the best explosions from our elders.

Clint Eastwood – His rant against Obamachair was a meltdown of beautiful proportions.

Bill Cosby – He’s been going on uppity anti-rap rants for a decade now. You’re better than that, Heathcliff.

Etta James – Don’t test her gangsta. Etta said she was going to whoop Beyonce’s sorry a$$ for taking her song. That’s just classic.

Jim Brown – He’s always ranting on how athletes need to be more revolutionary. He’s even hinted that Michael Jordan is a sellout of some sort.

Mel Gibson – His old drunk rants are legendary. Keep the Jews and Black guys away from him.

Donald Trump – Don’t get it twisted. Donald Trump is old as hell. And he’s been ramming home the idea that he doesn’t believe Obama is an American. Senility is real.

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    Pat Robertson – He’s always saying something stupid. Even once saying that Katrina was penalty for the “voodooo” in New Orleans.

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