Kush Chronic-les: Breezy Fails His Drug Test And Shows Up Positive For That Sticky-Icky In Court

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Breezy’s drug test came back positive when he checked in with the Judge today

Homeboy actually got off pretty easy, especially considering that he was in a Virgina court of law. With little more than a slap on the wrist and a “stern” warning, Chris wrapped things up in less than an hour and took his medical mary jane card with him.

According to TMZ…

Chris Brown tested positive for mary jane recently in Virginia, where smoking green is illegal, but the judge said she would NOT revoke his probation.

Chris was just in court for a probation progress report hearing in his felony battery of Rihanna — and according to probation report docs … Brown failed a drug test on June 18 in Virginia, where he was fulfilling his court ordered community service.

According to probation report, Chris told his probation officer he had smoked in California — where he has a medical sticky-icky prescription — and then failed the test in Virginia, where herb is illegal … prescription or no prescription.

Judge Patricia Schnegg said she never ordered Brown to undergo mandatory drug testing as part of his probation, so she cut him a break … this time … letting him off with a stern reminder to obey all laws. Schnegg also ordered Brown’s entire case moved back to California because that’s where he lives now.

Judge Schnegg also ordered Brown to meet with his probation officer within 72 hours to sort out a discrepancy in community service hours — prosecutors say he had 121 hours left to complete as of August 15th, but Chris’ attorney, Mark Geragos insists he has less than that on his tab.

We’re just wondering who the hell lights up a couple months before they’ve got court to go to for a probation hearing??

Guess God really heard those thoughts and prayers from his ex-boo-thang Rih Rih.

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