Ordinary People: Odd Jobs Of The Most Famous Celebs Before They Were Ballin’

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Odd Jobs Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

In Hollyweird, you would think that almost everyone started out with a silver spoon in their mouth and floated into lavish lifestyles full of glitz and glam

But there are actually plenty of A-listers who aren’t ashamed to admit that were all about that d-list working-class life once upon a time and held down some interesting jobs to get that gwap on their climb to the top.

Let’s check out some Hollyweird heavyweights who did something strange for a lil change back in the day..

Halle Berry worked at Hickbee’s Department Store as a sales clerk in the children’s department before she became the first Black Miss America and one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses.

Brad Pitt wasn’t always one of the most sought after men in Hollyweird. He once worked in a chicken suit at El Pollo Loco restaurant.

Before she was Sasha Fierce, Beyonce was a shampoo girl who also swept the floors in her mother’s hair salon.

Whoopi got her freak on over the phone as a call girl before her big break in Hollyweird.

Before he became an intern at Uptown Records, Diddy worked as a janitor cleaning toilets at a Mexican restaurant in NYC.

Jennifer Hudson left her job at Burger King to go pursue her dreams on the American Idol stage.

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    No wonder Channing Tatum was so comfortable during the making of ‘Magic Mike.’ He once made it clap in real life as a male dancer after he dropped out of college to pursue his acting career.

    You’ve heard of a coat-check guy, right? Well Mariah did that for a living before she sang her way to the top of the charts…..only she checked hats instead of coats.

    Funnyman Chris Rock held it down at Red Lobster before getting his Pookie on in New Jack City.

    Veteran supermodel Cindy Crawford was a corn shucker before she became the face of Pepsi.

    When he wasn’t engaging in some puff-puff passin to pass the time as a youngin, Snoop was bagging groceries at a local supermarket.

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