Do We Call Them Man-Cougars? Men Chopping Down Younger Lady Cakes

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Men That Date Younger Women

You know what cougars are, right? They’re delightful ladies that don’t mind giving the business to younger men. They’re like little Stellas that get their groove back. Well men do it, too. The only difference is they get called creepy.

Regardless, here are some men that have given the business to younger ladies and had a grand old time doing it.

Morgan Freeman – He’s been allegedly giving the goods to his step-granddaughter for years. Um. Ew.

George Clooney – He was recently chopping down Stacey Kiebler who’s born in a different damn decade.

TomKat – He fake had sex with Katie Holmes for years even though he’s 16 years older.

Jay-Z – Jigga is 12 whole years older than Beyonce.

Hugh Hefner – He’s dated women as much as 60 years younger.

Clint Eastwood – His wife is 36 years younger than him.

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    Kelsey Grammer – He was 26 years older than his boo.

    Eddie Murphy – He had a solid 20 years on Rocsi.

    Seal – He had 11 years on Heidi Klum.

    Russell Simmons – He was 18 years older than Kimora Lee.

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