You Can’t Be Serious: Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Horse Inside Of Church

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A woman allegedly gave birth to a horse like creature, otherwise known as a baby horse, on Tuesday, at the World Liberation Ministry in Nigeria:

The strange creature, which threw the church members into panic, had died by the time journalists visited the church following the strange occurrence.

The identity of the woman was yet to be known but some church members said she started screaming during the prayer session and began bleeding from her private part just before the foal-like creature emerged.

General Overseer of the church, Evangelist Silva Wealth, said he was still shocked by what came out of the woman’s womb.

He said during prayers he had a revelation that there was a woman with an issue and that something was blocking her womb.

According to him, as prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and began to bleed and eventually gave birth to the creature.

Evangelist Wealth said he could not confirm whether the creature was dead or alive because he did not go near it.

“I can’t describe the object. We have seen people vomit several things during our service but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophecies and miracles,” he added.

WTF!?!?!? We have so many questions:

Is Mr.Ed putting in work like that? Does the devil know it’s a lie? What that horse peen do though? Where is Jesus and why did he NOT take the wheel? Are horse babies hot in the streets???

Ladies, the next time a man says he’s bigger than a horse, run!


Nigerian Tribune

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