The Side-Eye: Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Wife Sandi Parties Up For Her Birthday While He “Rested” His Bi-Polar Disorder

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Birthday or not, she ain’t isht

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Wife Sandi Celebrates Birthday While He Suffers Bi-Polar Disorder

Via Chicago Tribune

Ald. Sandi Jackson celebrated her birthday Tuesday night at Hyde Park’s Park 52 Restaurant with a political fundraiser.

Tickets for the event ranged from $25 to $5,000 and were available online.

On her way in to the party, Sandi Jackson, 49, told reporters outside she’d be right back. But the media was not invited in to the event, and Jackson’s representative later said she would not be giving comments to the media.

The media were seeking news about her husband, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who is battling bipolar disorder and has been on a leave of absence from Congress for three months. Jackson recently left the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Before that, the congressman was treated at Sierra Tucson, a facility in Arizona.

Through the windows, Sandi Jackson, who represents the 7th Ward, was seen dancing and laughing at her party to loud music played by a DJ.

So your husband has been out of office, battling a serious disease, and you in the streets doing “The Electric Slide” SMMFH

Apparently, party attendees felt some type of way about Sandi’s shenanigans too…

Before and after the party, a number of event attendees declined to comment. “I don’t want to get in the middle,” one guest said.

At one point, Jackson could be heard and seen from outside the restaurant on a microphone. She referred to attendees as “family” and alluded that she was under pressure.

“This is about family,” she said.

Jackson said inside the restaurant that her husband was at home and “feeling better.”

At one point, Jackson referred to “jackals” and said they could “stay outside.” Reporters and other media formed the only crowd outside the restaurant. But it’s unclear if Jackson was referring to them.

No one knows what kind of conversation Jesse had with his wife, but something just feels wrong about celebrating so blatantly while your life partner is suffering back home.

Could you pop bottles while your significant other was ill???

Image via JHP

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