ChitChatter: Lamar Odom’s Baby Mama Liza Morales Talks Relationship With Khloe, The Loss Of Their Son Jayden, And Her New Book!

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This is one “basketball wife” that has avoided all the drama and fawkery.

Liza Morales Chats About Her New Book, Her Kids, Lamar & Khloe

You may remember Liza’s interview with our homies over at The Breakfast Club a few months back. This time, Lammy’s baby mama digs a bit deeper into her new life without the struggling NBA baller.

According to MommysDirtyLittleSecret:

On the loss of their son Jayden to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome):


Jayden was born Dec. 15th 2005 and died of SIDS at 6 months. My mother and I found him in the crib. SIDS was just something you hear about. I knew no one who had been affected by it. I would say that I had never lost anyone in my life until Jayden. For Lamar — he had experienced loss, losing his Mom. The loss was traumatic for both of us. We just dealt with it in different ways. I had to depend on my spirituality. Things happen for a reason and I went through it alone for a reason. It’s not the type of loss to share with just anybody. Most people can’t relate and thank God most can’t.

Lamar turned to work. He had his music he was working on, clothing company and an artist he was working with — thats how he dealt. I was alone during that time, but at least I had my family and friends. The loss never leaves you, but it does get better. We have pictures of Jayden around the house and the kids and I talk about him all the time. We are in a place of peace and acceptance.

On dating and what kind of man she wants:


I do date, but there’s no one special right now. It’s my fault; I’m picky! I like a smart guy. Anderson Cooper and JT Holmes are my CNN secret crushes. I enjoy getting my world news from a smart man and TJ Holmes has a smart man swag (laughs). A guy has to be willing to take a back seat to my kids and have a life of his own. I definitely am open to love and I want more kids. I really love children. I think that’s why having my own children’s clothing line was so natural for me.

Hit the flipper to read more about Liza’s clothing line, her relationship with Lamar, and his relationship with their children.

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