Rappers That Fell Off

Just Retire: 10 Rappers Who Have Epically Fallen Off

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Rappers That Fell Off

There should be an age limit for most rappers. We don’t know what it is but rappers seem to lose their damn minds when they hit like 40 or something. For others, though, the fall off comes much earlier. It’s quite sad, actually. At least we can appreciate their greatness they had before they lost it all.

With that said, let’s look at 10 rappers that have fallen off in remarkable proportions.

Foxy Brown – We knew she’d fallen off a while ago, but she jumped the shark when she went on stage with Nicki Minaj looking like a human-sized amphibian.

DMX – Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Lil Wayne – We’re happy he’s sorta sober. But he hasn’t put out a good album or verse in like five years. Maybe Dedication 3 was the start of something better.

Lil Kim – Maybe the plastic surgery ruined her ability to make a decent song.

Busta Rhymes – All that fast rapping isht got old really quick. And signing with YM? Did he hear the word “young”?

Shyne – Maybe it was jail. Maybe it was just him not being that good to begin with. But that raspy isht has ruined his career.

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Mobb Deep – The split has been embarrassing to watch. And the music has been just as bad.

Gucci Mane – Things haven’t been the same since he got that ice cream tattoo.

Nelly – He did that country album and it signaled the end for Mr. Pimp Juice.



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