Epitome Of A Bad Father?? 6-Month-Old Baby Girl Dies In Car After Dad Forgets To Take Her To Daycare

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6-Month-Old Baby Girl Dies In Car After Dad Forgets To Take Her To Daycare

This is so sad. So very sad…

Via NBC Miami:

A 6-month-old baby was discovered dead in a car after police say the father forgot to drop her off at day care. Miami-Dade Police confirmed the girl was found at Doral Academy Elementary Tuesday afternoon. Authorities said the father of the child, Lazaro Ramos, dropped off one of his kids at the school and forgot to take the baby, Rosalyn, to day care.

Nine hours later at the end of his workday, he drove back to the elementary school and then realized the baby was still inside the vehicle. Carlos Azate said his wife witnessed the entire thing and he described what she saw. “When he picked up his kid, he went to his car and he realized that his daughter was there. The little kid found his sister in the car, so the little kid started crying,” Azate said. And the guy, when he realized that the baby was there, he just like fell down to the floor and started crying.”

Rosalyn Ramos, who was unresponsive, was rushed to Miami Children’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead, police said. Authorities are questioning the father but no charges have been filed, Miami-Dade Police said. “He is a good father in every sense of the word, and her mother the same,” grandfather Jose Rodriguez Lopez said of his son-in-law, Ramos.

“When you see it on the news, you never think it could happen to you,” Rodriguez Lopez said. Officials with the Department of Children and Families said they are also investigating the death. “She was everything to us,” said the baby’s aunt, Dayani Rodriguez.

Wow. R.I.P. little Rosalyn.

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