In Triflin’ White Folks News–NJ Woman Fakes Cancer And Gets Free Wedding!!!

- By Bossip Staff

What happened to going to the JOP or saving for the wedding of your dreams?? Accused of faking Stage 3 and 4 bladder cancer, Lori Stiller just got her lyin’ azz slapped with a theft by deception charge.

The 40-Year-Old announced the sad news in February 2011 and friends and family immediately began delivering food, held fundraisers, and quickly set up funds and planned her wedding…SMH. They raised roughly $10k because she clamed she didn’t have insurance to cover her chemo and care.

Apparently, it was all a lie. According to The Huffington Post…

An investigation found that Stilley had never been treated for nor diagnosed with cancer, prosecutors said.

Her sister says she was the one who turned in Stilley. “I just did it for her to get help and for my niece and nephew, too, to feel safe,” Lori Digiovanni told WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.

DiGiovanni told the TV station that she became suspicious when Stilley’s story changed quickly. Soon after telling friends and family that she was making hospice plans and was given a month to live, she posted on Facebook that she felt a miracle coming and was feeling better.

DiGiovanni said she believes her sister needs mental health counseling…Stilley’s lawyer, however, said she did not do anything wrong.

Not sure what her lawyer’s spittin’…she sounds crazy to us!

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