Out Of Pocket (Again): Ann Coulter Makes Racist ‘Freedom Riders’ Comment On Fox News

- By Bossip Staff

How many racist statements can this woman make in one week??

Ann Coulter’s at it again. The attention-loving slore knows how to say isht that will have people fuming and this is the third time this week that she’s made a disgusting statement.

Sitting down for an interview on the right-wingers beloved Fox and Friends, Coulter was promoting her new book “Mugged”. In it, she claims that the left-wing is “racially biased” and slammed Chris Matthews for accusing Money Mitt and Repubs for playing the “race card” in order to get votes.

“And the Democrats have a lot to be apologetic about,” she said. “They really do,” co-host Steve Doocy agreed. Coulter said that that he had to refer to “black people in other countries” because “here in America, he doesn’t have any black friends. He doesn’t have any black neighbors.” She said there was “not a black face” at Matthews’ son’s wedding, and said if that were true for a Republican, he would be “convicted of racism.”

She also hit out at Rachel Maddow, who she claimed introduces her black guests as “wicked smart” or “special.”…”This is not a person that is comfortable around black people,” Coulter alleged.

Ann continued, trying to crack a joke that only showed us just how racist she really is…

“These are not people who have black friends, who know black people…Oh sorry, except for Lawrence O’Donnell and Bill Maher, who date black gals, so they think they’re freedom riders.”

That’s some serious isht to say right there…and it doesn’t even make that much sense when you think about it…SMH

We’re not sure how many Freedom Riders were swirlin’ but we’d like to thank ALL of them. They risked their lives so we could have a Voice today and the right to call this crazy b*tch out!

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