Shady Twitter Files: Bugsy Disses Floyd Mayweather Jr. Saying He’s “Not Very Bright”

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50 Cent Floyd Mayweather Scream 4 Screening

Frenemies…how many of us have them??

50 Cent Disses Floyd Mayweather Jr. On Twitter

Yesterday, Fiddy sat down with his Grandfather for a good ol’ fashioned heart-to-heart talk (ya know? those things called “conversations” that we used to have before smartphones). During the chat, Curtis got some insight about his “friends” and the people he hangs around that he shared with his almost 8 million followers.

Unbeknownst to him, the convo would lead to what will likely be a larger rift between him and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Changes? huh? Like cutting off fool-a$$ friends who spend money recklessly and beat up their child’s mother??

Hit the flipper to see what else Fiddy’s grandpop had to tell him.

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