Shady Bolitics: Senator John McCain Says Getting More Black People Added To The Senate Is “The Last Thing On His Mind”

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Senator John McCain Feels No Sense Of Urgency To Diversify The Senate

Former Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain is speaking out on behalf of the Senate in response to claims of not enough diversity being present to accurately represent all of America.

The Senate, which was just barely able to hold on to it’s Democratic majority control following the 2010 elections, currently includes no minorities and no potential Senate candidates of color. Given these factors, political analysts project that the Senate is likely to remain without a black member for years to come, making it extremely difficult for  all Americans to be properly and fairly represented on the hill.

The Huffington Post reports:

While all the lawmakers interviewed for this piece acknowledged that the Senate would be better equipped to serve the American public if it were more diverse, the issue was hardly at the top of the agenda for many of them.

“That is the last thing on my mind right now,” said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), when asked about the topic on Capitol Hill. “Obviously we should have more diversity. … But how you go about that, frankly, I would contemplate that more in January.”

Lawmakers, experts and activists who spoke with The Huffington Post identified a lack of infrastructure to recruit African-American candidates as a major problem, along with troubles raising money and convincing the party establishment and voters to pick minority candidates.

And the lack of diversity in the Senate, they worried, has a troubling legislative effect.

It’s difficult enough for a Democratic president to effectively run the country with the GOP in control of the House and almost half of the Senate…..a lack of diversity just adds to this problem, making it almost impossible.

What do you think can be done to increase the presence of minorities in the Senate?

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