Good Girls Gone Bad: A Gallery Of People Who Flipped The Script After Hitting Hollywood

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People Who Went Wild In Hollywood

Hollywood is a strange, wild, fun, one-of-a-kind place filled with all the good and bad you could ever hope for.

So, it’s no surprise that many people get so caught up in all the flashing lights, free stuff, and fast money that before we know it, they seem to have morphed into someone totally different than who we saw when they first stepped on the scene.

While growing up and getting better with age is never a bad thing, there are more than few celebrities that took the world by storm in the process. Let’s take a look at some ladies who made the most memorable transformations from good girl to bad girl right in the limelight…

Lauren London has been known to claim that she’s always had a thing for bad boys, but she sure had a lot people fooled when she went from the tomboy cutie in Pharell’s video, to Nu-Nu in ATL… Weezy babymama number 3.

There were plenty of guys who couldn’t wait for Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus to turn 18….and she did not disappoint when she did. From getting wild on stage, to chopping all her hair off and dying it bleach blonde, we’re thinking there’s much more to come from this former teen-queen.

Maia Campbell shocked almost everyone when she was caught on camera looking drunk and out of it….a complete change from the beauty she was on ‘In The House’ and as the leading lady in Tyrese’s ‘Sweet Lady’ video.  We’ve heard she’s making a speedy recovery though…hopefully it’s true.

Remember when Rihanna looked like this? Yeah, we don’t either. It somehow seemed to have worked out in her favor to drop the sugary sweet act…..but it’d be a lie to say she didn’t shock the world in the process.

Christina Augilera was one genie that did not stay in the bottle very long at all. In fact, it only took one album for XTina to go from pop princess to resident bad girl.

Lisa Bonet was the rebellious Cosby kid determined to do her own thing and find her own way. Turns out her character wasn’t as far off from her real life as we thought.

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    Ok, so not ALL of these ladies flipped the script but 2 out of 4 is more than some might have expected. Kelly got busty and turned into a goddess….and well, we all know what Beyonce has been up to these days. Neither of them turned out to be the shy southern belles that we were introduced to.

    You know we couldn’t make this list without including Lindsay Lohan. This child……smh.

    Don’t let the dollface fool you. Jennifer Freeman left her goody-two-shoes steez behind on the set of ‘My Wife And Kids’ and is rumored to have went crazy on her NBA  hubby after she caught him creeping.

    Last but certainly not least is Janet Jackson. Miss Jackson if your nasty just broke out of her box after ‘Control’ and kept on going.

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