Isaiah Enjoys Dual Citizenship

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Isaiah Washington is now has officially gained African Citizenship:

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has become an official citizen of Sierra Leone. The actor was born in Houston, Texas, but has spent several months working with Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma in a bid to secure dual-nationality and celebrate his family’s links to the African country.

President Koroma agreed to grant Washington full citizenship and hand him an official Sierra Leone passport in September (08). The process has now been finalized and Washington is delighted to have achieved his goal.

He says “(I am) completely numb yet elated. I am at a lost (sic) for words. I am now a citizen of Sierra Leone. I need to send two photos for the Sierra Leone Passport that awaits me in Freetown. President Koroma now goes down in history as the ‘first’ African President to issue an African-American full citizenship based on DNA. Congrats to all who have been on this historical journey with me. Mission Accomplished. That said, I’m so moved right now that I am literally wiped out with the gravity of this new reality. Going home to celebrate with my ‘dual citizenship’ with my family.”

Although we’d like to see more of him on the big, and small screen, it’s clear that Isaiah has moved on to bigger and better things. Kudos to him for not letting Hollyweird’s gay mafia subdue his swagger and keep him from handling his biz.


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  • Adiamondcenter

    okay Im here

  • Adiamondcenter

    First whatt!!!! Isaiha its good to connect with original roots….It keeps us grounded

  • Chris Rah Osiris

    This is definitely a way to attempt to bridge the disconnect between us and the homeland. I wonder what would happen if we were to truly attempt to involve ourselves in the political structure of Africa. We have so many brilliant minds and resources to offer.

    Definitely something to consider

  • Pretty Brown Thing

    I like that Isaiah. Good luck with everything.

  • nonposter


  • Sydney

    Good post, Chris. . .With the availability of DNA testing, I want to determine the African origin of my family as soon as possible.

    This is a nice story. . .I respect Isiah Washington as an actor. I look forward to his future projects.

  • nonposter

    aw hell yall are fast

  • cynic

    who the hell would actually WANT to be a citizen of sierra leone? people are trying to get out of that damn place. smh.

  • Nia

    THis a wonderful thing. I wish I could give DNA.

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "The ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr"

    Im next!

  • Nina Knows

    wow, good for Isiah!! I’ve always liked him as an actor, and glad to see there’s more to him that just acting. Nothing like a Black man with substance.

    Damn, I know he felt good getting that citizenship.

  • Christmas Jones

    this is good, this is real good…

    Identifying the roots, reconnecting. Thats whats up.

  • bb

    One of the main problems with the political structure in a lot of countries in Africa is the rampant Corruption.There are a lot of brillant africans both in the diaspora and in africa that would do a good job if they did have the opportunity to lead.In terms of resources the second richest black person in the world is a nigerian and he made his money legally.Nigeria itself is the 8th largest producer of oil besides having other natural resources and so the resource is there

  • readitagain

    It doesn’t say that Africa is a country, the country part is refering to Sierra Leone that was mentioned earlier in the paragraph.

  • Sistah_PhD2be

    exactly @readitagain

  • Davie Dee

    this is good I like to see a brother gettin back to his ROOTS

  • always knew

    I am not mad at all…If you ask me, we all need to make the disconnect disappear, we all need to be closer to our brethern, and quit the black on black hate, bs…….I like the way Isaiah Washington thinks….

  • Baby Girl

    im loving it!

  • Roe ski Love

    Bad news for you Isaiah, everyone in the world can trace their origins back to Africa, including white, hispanic, chinese, japanese, etc. We all originate from the cradle of civilization. If you check any major DNA company and ask them to tell you if this is true are not they will tell you that it is. Dude took your $ (donation) and made you an honorary king of nothing. But if it makes you feel beeter, I guess to each his own!

  • marcus


  • marcus


  • Nina Knows

    Although, other races can trace their blood back to Africa, they cannot trace their heritage back to Africa. We all should know human exsistence roots from Africa. But whites and other non-blacks do not have culture and heritage there. Humans migrated to other regions, sprouting their own, cultures, religions, and ways of lives in other places.

    White people do NOT have a direct connection with Africa like Blacks do.
    Nice try though.

  • Nina Knows

    Oh and if Wesley was smart and knew what he was doing, he would have known the correct way to beat the tax system.

    ALOT of other people do it, sucessfully. People do not talk about swiss bank accounts for the hell of it.

  • AfricaisaContinent!`

    uhhh….the first line say…”has officially gained African Citizenship”….as a citizen of Tanzania, a COUNTRY on the CONTINENT of Africa I am tired of people making this error. There is no such thing as “African Citizenship.” That is an insult to the unique cultures that thrive in each INDIVIDUAL country. Thanks for having me read it again!


    Wonderful, I would love to be able to do something like this.

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