When Animals People Attack: Man Caught Trying To Eat Pitbull Alive In The Street

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Sounds like somebody had some bathsalts for breakfast…

Man Seen Eating Pitbull Alive In The Street

Man’s best friend almost turned into this man’s meal when he chased a pittbull down and tried to eat the dog alive as Canada residents watched in horror.

CNews reports:

Witnesses allege the man who viciously attacked a dog on a downtown street early Wednesday was trying to eat the animal alive.

Police confirmed Thursday that a young man has been apprehended, as details about the bizarre case began emerging some 24 hours after rumours of the heinous incident shocked the community.

A woman living nearby said she and her husband were awakened by the mournful howls of an animal in distress. Looking out the front window, the couple saw a man wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and lying on top of a dog. She said she raced outside and saw the man biting the dog’s back and head.

“It was something out of a horror movie,” said the woman, who asked not be identified. “He was literally eating her alive. It was terrible.”

The dog, described as a female pit bill, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and remains in the care of animal control.

Just disgusting. The end of days for sure.

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