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The guy claims he accidentally sent the message to ALL of his contacts in his phone!!

24-year-old Chris Evans has been in jail for the last 18 months after he was charged on inciting a child to engage in adult activity. He was freed after the Judges decided they couldn’t figure out who the message was intended for.

According to The Daily Mail…

…after he accidentally sent a saucy text message intended for a lover to every contact in his phone book. The 24-year-old swimming coach ended up in prison for lewd offenses after the text also found its way to two young schoolgirls. Evans had typed an intimate invitation to his girlfriend asking her if she would like to engage in adult acts with him ‘skin on skin’.

Excruciatingly, a slip of the fingers on his BlackBerry smartphone resulted in it going out via BlackBerry Messenger to all the numbers on his phone. Among the recipients of the text were two girls aged 13 and 14, which led to Evans, who teaches swimming in a leisure center, being arrested and charged with causing or inciting a child to engage in inappropriate adult activity.

…his lawyers went to the Court of Appeal in London to have his conviction overturned. They argued that Evans’s ‘misguided use of his BlackBerry’ made it ‘difficult to conclude that he was targeting anyone’. Granting the appeal, Lord Justice Elias said the circumstances were ‘unusual’ and agreed that Evans had been ‘evidently misguided’ in the use of his phone. He added: ‘The facts of this case are rather unusual. Messages… were sent to every single contact in his phone, including members of his own family.’

This guy is still a perv.

The Judges suspended the remaining nine months of his sentence and Evans is now a free man. Hopefully this guy doesn’t get another smartphone since he can’t figure out how to use the damn thing!

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