What The Hell?!? Mother Wants Three 4th Graders Charged With Sexual Assaulting Her 9-Year-Old Daughter At California Elementary School!

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Wow, we knew shenanigans were poppin off in high schools, but 4th grade?! SMH

Three 4 Graders Admit To Sexually Assaulting A 9-Year-Old Girl


A La Habra mother says her nine-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by three young classmates, twice on the same day at Las Positas Elementary School.

Kelly Julian went before the school board on Thursday night to address the incident.

Julian said three weeks ago, her daughter told her that three boys, also fourth graders, had inappropriately touched her breasts, on two different occasions

She said all three boy’s wrote apology letters admitting to touching her daughter’s private parts.

The concerned mother reported the incident, but said the school chose not to punish the boys.

“Originally the principal told me that my daughter needs to stand up for herself,” Julian told KTLA News.

“Stand up for herself”??? You gotta be fawking kidding us right?

Julian took a public stand against the school board Thursday night. “The message you continue to send is that not only will you allow sexual assault of 9-year-old little girls, you will ignore parents and hope it will just go away.”

Meanwhile, the school superintendent says the boys were not punished because no crime was committed.

Cotdamn, “No crime was committed”?!? Tough crowd…

“They’re children. They’re nine-years-old,” said superintendent Susan Belendardo. “They didn’t realize that what they were doing was something that they shouldn’t have done.”

A police report was also filed but no action was taken, and the case was closed.

We get it, they are kids, but kids commit crimes all the time, f**ked up ones at that.

So the question is, do you give these kids a pass because they are only 9 years old?

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