The Swirl: Kimmy Cakes Says She Wants To Have Babies With Yeezy That Look Like “Half Coffee And Half Milk”

- By Bossip Staff

Kim wants some swirly babies…

Joking about a conversation she had with her mother, the reality star’s tweet read:

Mom- want any coffee? Me- yes please Mom- how do u take it? Me- half coffee half milk. Just make it the color of what my kid would be.”

The reference to the fact that her and Kanye’s kids will be mixed race, comes after rumors spiraled about pregnancy due to the stars weight gain.

After doing a swimsuit photoshoot recently, comments were made about the bump on her belly, and whether Kim and Kanye babies were on the way.

Although the star is not pregnant, Kim has made it very clear about her feelings for having kids. Recently Keeping Up With “The Kardashians” featured her freezing her eggs.

Kim has always loved that chocolate peen, we wonder what those kids would look like…


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