Rumor Control: Xtina’s Reps Say Her ‘Fat Girl’ Comments Were Made Up!!

- By Bossip Staff

Guess she isn’t as proud of her Chubby Lumpkins stat as we thought since the snippets from an interview claiming to come from Xtina’s Billboard mag feature are bogus…at least that’s what her reps are saying:

Christina Aguilera has denied describing herself as a ‘fat girl’ in a new interview. The Voice star was thought to have spoken out about her body image in a series of quotes widely attributed to Billboard magazine.

But her spokesperson has since described the comments as ‘made up’. Reports claimed she decided to stand up to record executives while promoting her new release Lotus by saying: ‘You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it.

But the extensive anecdote does not in fact feature in Billboard magazine’s cover story and her spokesperson told Mail Online: ‘These quotes are wrong – she never said them.’

Aguilera is currently promoting her new album Lotus, in stores November 13, and she is no doubt hoping for a strong comeback after 2010 flop Bionic. While her body image was not mentioned, she did speak to Billboard that about her new release, saying:

‘It represents a celebration of the new me…And to me the lotus has always represented this unbreakable flower that withstands any harsh weather conditions in its surroundings.

‘It withstands time and remains beautiful and strong throughout the years.

‘I tried to infuse as much as I could to promote strength and inspire people with that message…And now I’m at a place at 31, where the last time I felt this way was when I was 21… and I had a lot to say and a lot to express.’

Regardless of Christina’s ‘fat girl’ stat, we’re just glad to see the positivity she’s giving and getting amidst all of the weight gain chit chatter.

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