The New First Couple of Hip-Hop????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a picture of Kanye West and Alexis in Paris this week. Since Joe Camel is not moving the units he used to, little Rihanna ganked the “light skinned” spot in the game, and Kanye killed 50 in album sales, we think this may be the first couple of hip-hop right now.

Kanye and Alexis are doing it big on the fashion front. Click here to hit up Kanye’s new blog.

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  • First



    Must you put Kanye’s face so close up front?


    “A GOOD LIFE”. I hope him and his lady last. He might ask for some one night and she tells him no and he might start crying about why she wont give it up to him because he’s black

  • me

    he looks like a chocolate chipmunk

  • Sandy

    love them!!!

  • Bahama Mama

    I always thought when u say hip hop couple the two should be both at least in the music industry, has she dropped an album?? what’s it called the fashion chronicles?

  • lacyd

    Has anyone went to his blog. I’m a Kanye fan, but it’s just so funny to me that he posts his on blog. Check it out if you haven’t. He loves himself and shoes.

  • Mahogany

    lmao @ the light skinned spot….

    Does anyone really care about that?

    I’m pleased our sistas are really the hottest in the game.

    Brit’s done.

    Lindsay’s done.

    Paris is paris….

    Rhianna is taking Brit’s spot as the non-singer that we love and love to loathe.

  • TQ

    yeah, but what does Alexis really do besides shop?

  • NAIS

    LMAO at TQ

    Kanye look like he blind or lost, but Alexis is always fly, she really is a pretty woman. He lucked up because he just doesnt do it for me personally

  • nono

    why?? is she in the music business..i thought it was two way thats why they are called “hip hop couple.”

  • slimgoody

    Not a hip hop couple…she doesn’t have a spot in the music industry & I’m not a Bey fan by far but there is no comparison, she has nothing on Beyonce (looks, money, talent, nada)…

  • JazziLadi

    I love them! Alexis is such a natural beauty!

  • yes

    yall must havent heard nelly and ashanti’s new songs…..j/k lmao

  • yes

    alexis is a designer, she just debuted at fashion week

  • jhay

    I like lexis – but chic screams Tranny to me.. and Kanye def has the cash to front up that surgery…

    I am just sayin.

  • Kim

    I can’t stand that “First Couple” nonsense! Does it matter? Why do we have to anoint celebrities with stupid and undeserved titles of reign. The only ones I feel are deserved is the Queen of Soul, Queen of Hip Hop and Soul, and the King of Pop. Enough already!

  • TWise

    What! Im sorry but Kanye’s fashion sense is not at the top of the game. He can not DRESS! Period. He tries too hard and looks ridiculous sometimes. Send that compliment somewhere else, please. TY

  • http://deleted sacha

    y’all need to check out:

    occult secrets of jayz, kanye & nas on youtube.

    that’s where the real sh!ts @ …

  • Ms. Fab

    They both look fantastic in this shot. More black “stars” should dress like this instead of trying to spread their butt cheeks in King magazine….

  • West

    I’m sorry but she looks like a MAN! she is no where by pretty, cute or beautiful. She looks like a Brother LOL. How about Kanye brother

  • West

    She look like a man with a wig on. YUK!

  • lady

    I think they look good together…i like that you can tell that they like each other in their pictures…they are always smiling…unlike Jay-Z and Beyonce who look like they don’t even like each other in their pics. Cute Couple 🙂

  • Witch doctor

    Man get off kanye dick he sold 300k more than 50 wow…

    in a year you be tryin to tear him down…

    stop taking up for faggets

  • La. Finest

    Damn when black people hate you, they hate you. Mostly for nothing, but damn do they hate you.

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