Don’t Eat The Dim Sum! Chinese Restaurant Shut Down After Patrons See Dead Deer Wheeled Inside In Trash Can

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Gonna have to pass on the roadkill dumplings…

Via NYDailyNews:

A Chinese restaurant in Kentucky is closed for business after officials found road-kill in its kitchen.

Health inspectors shuttered the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg after customers saw two employees wheel in a dead deer stuffed in a trash can, WYMT-TV reported.

“It was really disturbing. There was actually a blood trail that they were mopping up behind the garbage can,” customer Katie Hopkins told the local television station.

“There was like a tail, and like a foot and leg sticking out of the garbage can and they wheeled it straight back into the kitchen.”

The owner claims that the deer, which his son reportedly picked up along Interstate 75, was never going to be served to customers.

Instead, the owner said he intended to take the carcass home.

Environmental health inspector Paul Lawson told that the deer “had already been gutted” by the time he arrived at the restaurant, raising “many health and illness” issues.

“They said they didn’t know that they weren’t allowed to,” Lawson told WYMT, adding that he’s concerned that the owner may have committed a similar health violation before.

Officials immediately shut down the restaurant and cited the owner’s son for possession of a “white-tailed deer without a tag,” reported.

he eatery, however, won’t be forced to close its doors for good.

Lawson said that it can reopen if they pass an inspection proving that they completely cleaned and disinfected the facilities, WYMT reported.

But customers say it doesn’t matter what the restaurant does to clean up its act.

“I don’t think I’ll ever eat Chinese food ever again,” Hopkins told WYMT.

This is just NASTY! We know people eat deer, but deer off the side of the highway? Where they do that at?


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