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Looks like the checks have not stopped coming in, and all the fights and carrying on has emerged into another show for the ATL Housewives again:

Prepare for more drama between NeNe and Kim! Bravo just revealed to exclusively that the network has picked up season 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s no surprise, really, considering that the Atlanta edition of Real Housewives was the franchise’s most successful. Far above and beyond the New York and franchise-original Orange County editions, The Real Housewives of Atlanta was the network’s first docu-drama ever to crack 2 million viewers in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demo for one episode. Overall, the series averaged 1.5 million viewers, and the reunion special reached even higher heights, becoming the highest-rated Real Housewives telecast ever with 2.8 million viewers. No word yet on when season 2 will premiere or if all five ladies will be returning, but we’ll keep you posted with any details we uncover.

NeNe will be on the season 2, she is the bread winner now that her old man, “Gankin” Greg Leakes, is on the lam. You know he was hurting for a check or two from that ex stripper. On a brighter note, we would like to congratulate NeNe for becoming the new, Flavor Flav/New York, of reality TV. Congrats NeNe!


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  • bg


  • LadyByDay

    Can’t wait to see their new tricks!


    I’m sure they had to hurry and get NeNe a house.

  • sweetone

    Loved the show!!!!

  • Tam

    I LOVE this show!

  • Lady L

    i agree with bg, these women got there “riches” through other people, unlike the real housewives of orange county, they seem more believable.

  • Special K

    I hope this was not suppose to be a surprise I mean so many people watched and commented on this show it was bound to be back I just hope they learn how to act this season so they don’t seem so damn idiotic.

  • blaq

    @ bg

    what show were you watching all the housewives are so called gold diggers living off their husbands stacks. That’s why it’s called housewives instead of businesswomen. Some people will always find a way to take a jab at a black people. Name on Orange county housewife who is not spending her husbands cash

  • Roe ski Love

    For all of the exposure about their lives, I’m guessing that they all should be making six figures for the second season. If not they need to hire a new business manager. Other than that who wants to be wifed up with a braggard anyway. They all seem so pretentious about everything.

  • JK

    I guess I was the only person not wataching Season 1.

  • bg

    @ boss lady
    100% co-sign

  • Big K

    In the immortal words of MC Nas D and DJ Freaky Fred:

    “Gold-diggin’ hoes, drivin’ me crazy I can’t take it no more!!”

  • chaka1

    Coon TV at its best. I won’t be watching again.

  • blaq

    @ BG
    the whole series premise is excessive spending and gossiping. I just find it funny how when it is in relation to black people the words hood and coon always come up. The big one on the Orange county series married a professional baseball player and started a real estate company, just like Lisa Hartwell, except Lisa is about 15 years younger when she got her business started. My point is the show is a reality show it was not to showcase the best and brightest of the black community. Atlanta was just like the other cities except more interesting.

  • blaq

    @ Boss lady

    NeNe has a foundation for battered women, that sounds positive to me, especially since it is a major problem in the black community. But i suppose you only saw the bad weave and saggy titties. It is funny how in the black community you can’t be human without disgracing the whole race.

  • http://aol PurpleHaze

    I say if your not a wife and just a babymomma, that you should not be on the show.

  • Zoe

    How come when black people do something on TV it is supposed to represent the whole race? But when white people do it, they are only representing themselves. It is so easy for people to find something negative to say, but there was a lot of positives going on in this show. Deshawn and Eric have been together since they were freshmen in college (that says a lot)!!! NeNe has a foundation for battered women, Lisa is an entreprenuer – All positive. I think people should stop being so judgemental!!!

  • Shaahn

    how can NENE come back with no money?

  • bg


    hey hey hey, leave the bangers out of this! That is important part of this site. They guys aint in here hating on the “who’s packing section” we let you ladies have that. lol

  • SCatty

    Its not like the orange county housewives portray white women in a good way. They dont all act like THAT. So its fitting that the ATL hosusewives dont act like the typical “classy” black woman.

  • blaq


    I have nothing against the banger section, that is the only time the sisters get props on here. If it were not for that section, this site may be confused with an KKK blog,lol. BTW the who’s packing section is usually not poppin there are hundreds, no thousands of athletes we should be getting to know better up in ‘ere. I’m tired of looking at rappers and teenage crooners.

  • Amina

    MIMI you said a mouth full. The chicks on OC are straight Gold Diggers. Black People wake up!!! White Women Are the Original Gold Diggers…lol They taught me how to

  • MissBlaze43

    OMG, I can’t wait.

    And for those who care: Nip/Tuck January 6. And for those who like THE L WORD, this will be their last season (looking sad). It starts some time in February ’09

    I love my lesbian sisters. I’m going to really miss The L Word.




    These broads got on my nerves, I only watched it once and it was enough for me….

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