Oops! New Orleans Prosecutor ‘Drops A Spliff’ In Court…In Front Of Police Officers

- By Bossip Staff

What a dummy. Of all the places to show up with a spliff in your pocket, this has got to be the worst case scenario.

A New Orleans lawyer would have saved himself a lot of trouble if only he checked his pockets before heading to court on Monday.

Assistant city attorney Jason Cantrell was issued a summons after he dropped a joint while talking to a police officer in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

Cantrell, 43, was cited for simple drug possession and released under a city policy for low-level marijuana cases, according to police.

According to the New Orleans Police Department spokesperson Garry Flot, Cantrell was talking to one of the officers waiting to testify in court when the rolled up joint tumbled out of his pocket and landed on the floor.

People who witnessed the comical scene said that two officers glanced at the joint, and then exchanged a bemused look before making arguably the world’s easiest drug bust.

The pair were spotted chuckling as their colleagues led Cantrell out of the courtroom at around 4.15pm to issue him a summons.

Ryan Berni, a spokesman for Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office, told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that at the time of the incident, Cantrell was not working on behalf of the city. He was suspended without pay pending an investigation.

Cantrell resigned on Monday and, whatever his next career move is, we hope he learned his lesson and keeps his joints at home from now on!


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