Amadou Diallo’s Mother Pissed That Cop Who Shot Her Son Will Get His Service Weapon Back, “I Think He Will Shoot Someone”

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You can’t be fawking serious?!?

Amadou Diallo’s Mother Upset That Shooting Officer Will Get Gun Back

Via NYPost

Amadou Diallo’s heartsick mother was furious yesterday to learn that one of the cops involved in her son’s death would get his service revolver back — and predicted more bloodshed at the detective’s hands.

“I think he will shoot someone,” a still-grieving Kadiatou Diallo told The Post yesterday, after the newspaper revealed that Officer Kenneth Boss was given his gun back — 13 years after an unarmed Diallo was killed in a hail of 41 shots by four cops.

Officer Kenneth Boss

Boss was issued a standard 9mm service weapon — not the same gun he used to squeeze off five rounds at the 24-year-old Diallo — after NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly suddenly decided last month to reinstate his gun rights.

Sources said Kelly — who had opposed rearming Boss in the past — did an about-face after another cop involved in a police shooting got his gun back.

Officer Michael Carey was one of four cops who fired 50 shots outside a Queens nightclub in November 2006, killing Sean Bell.

But like Boss, he was later cleared in a department trial.

No surprise there, all he did was shoot-up a black kid, no big deal…

Diallo is shocked because Commissioner Kelly said that Officer Boss would NEVER get his gun back, despite keeping his job.

“I’m shocked to learn this because Commissioner Kelly indicated that that would not happen,” Diallo said.

“Kelly did not keep his word,” she fumed, calling the move “the second shooting of my son.”

Says her husband, Amadou’s step-father, Sankarela Diallo:

“He is going to shoot again. The same thing he did to Amadou he is going to do it to someone else,” he said.

It’s a sad day in America when isht like this can go down. If you live in the NYC area, be on the look out for Officer Boss, he’s got an itchy trigger-finger and the city is cool with him using it…


R.I.P. Amadou Diallo

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