Kush Chronic-les: Wiz Khalifa Swears To Stop Piff-Puffin’ For Amber Rose During Pregnancy

- By Bossip Staff

Give up smokin’ that yahmean so I know it’s real!

The kush lovin’ rapper has agreed to stop indulging in his favorite vice while he is at home because it “irritates” Amber Rose, who is currently expecting their first child.

“I smoke outside instead of inside. Everything is all about smells, man,” he told MTV news.

“If the smell irritates her, then it gotta go,” the ‘Roll Up’ rapper added.

This year the ‘Black & Yellow’ rapper was arrested twice for possession of the herbal high.

Last week, Wiz left people speculating if he was the perpetrator of a “hit and run” near the set of the filming for his new video after a car like his Cadillac was snapped looking battered.

We have to salute Wiz for giving up dem tweeds for the sake of his boo. But, we wonder how long he can successfully kick his habitual high before he comes back for his beloved Mary Jane.

Good luck Wiz!



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