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What’s done in the dark will always come to light.

We knew from jump that there was plenty of shady dealings goings on around the MURDER of Pace football star Danroy Henry who was shot to death by a Mt. Pleasant police officer two years ago, but now the lid is being blown off the whole situation.

Ronald Beckley, another officer on the scene recently participated in a series of depositions as part of the civil case against the city of Mt. Pleasant. During those depositions he confirmed that Aaron Hess, the officer who fired the shots was, in his opinion, the aggressor… So much so that he actually fired his own weapon and shot him! This is completely different from earlier “official Police” versions of events.

The original story was that DJ Henry was leaving a parking lot and struck a Officer Aaron Hess in the knee causing him to fly on the hood of the car and he opened fire to save himself. Part of the original story was also that Officer Ronald Beckley fired into the car to save Aaron Hess. It was later announced that Aaron Hess had to have surgery on his knee due to blunt force caused by DJ’s vehicle.

We spent much of the past two days reading the lengthy depositions that have been posted on the website of Michael Sussman, Esq, the lawyer representing the Henry family.

You can find them HERE, but we will summarize what we found and include some screencaps:

In a series of depositions conducted last week, the second officer involved in the shooting, Officer Ronald Beckley, openly admits to causing the knee injury to Aaron Hess by shooting Aaron Hess. Officer Ronald Beckley shot Aaron Hess, realizing Aaron Hess was the aggressor and that he was about to cause unnecessary harm to DJ Henry!

It was revealed by Officer Ronald Beckley during his deposition that he shot at Aaron Hess out of concern for DJ because he didn’t initially recognize Officer Hess as a police officer and felt that he was the aggressor in the situation by pulling his weapon and firing into the car DJ was driving. Beckley then confirmed that he hadn’t seen the official accounts that were supposed to be based on his statements until just weeks prior to his deposition. Very troublesome since the Westchester DA presented these falsified documents to a Grand Jury and Officer Aaron Hess and Ronald Beckley admit that they were never even questioned by the DA herself.

Based on Beckley’s deposition, Police Lieutenant Brian Fanelli also falsified documents of Ronald Beckley’s original statement to make it appear that he shot into the car because he was in fear of his life. Fanelli also appears to have lied to Beckley by saying his shots didn’t hit Hess and that he didn’t know how he made it out of the situation alive. Even more shady, in his deposition Beckley revealed the Police Chief REFUSED to speak to him about what he witnessed at all, and recommended he find a lawyer to represent him.

The public has been fed a pack of lies for the past two years as part of a police cover up to keep Officer Hess for being punished for his aggressive actions. We’re talking about an all American, college honor student who was an athlete and was truly murdered the night of his homecoming game. It’s crazy how many people would go out of the way to protect a crooked cop.

Sadly, Beckley, a 30-year veteran of the force retired immediately after the incident and those in power have done everything they could to prevent him from revealing the truth. But it is good to know there are good cops out there who are capable of doing their job, even if it did take two years for him to break down and tell the truth.

The sickest part of all of this is that the city of Mount Pleasant awarded Hess Officer of the Year knowing this was all a lie. Talk about an intentional slap in the face to DJ’s family! We hope they will find some measure of justice finally now that the truth is finally coming out.



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