Buffie the Body’s Bare Assentials

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Buffie the callipygian Body did a spread for the prestigious King magazine. Those tooted up ass shots will never get old.

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  • Kellz

    Why is it that the majority of african american modeling consist of them putting their asses up in the air?

  • slimgoody

    Not hating but she is fugly as hell & the only talent she has is showing off her assets to anybody who cares…it has to be someone more important to talk about than this dirt rag.

  • missflystar


  • Nicole

    why don’t they switch it up and feature women in medical school or any professional scene?

  • Mississippi Girl

    Her and Deelicious irritates me! They are both unattractive women with big deformed asses! I mean really……… im just sayin……. yall wonder why men treat women the way that they do! its because of things like this! Get a real job like everyone else!

  • missflystar

    she’s nasty!

  • Madam D

    She finally got her weave game together. She looks much better, but she’s still not all that cute in the face.

  • slimgoody

    At least Deelishus has her own blue jean line, & though her single is wack, she is TRYING to do a lil more than just show her ass, but it is irritating…

  • slimgoody


    If that is what I’d rather talk about I would’ve said it, I don’t bite my tongue hun…I don’t care for Kim K. but she is not just making money from ass shots all day everyday…



  • Jus Another Opinion

    Did this woman not watch Hip Hop vs. America. She is part of the problem. Buffie girl just get a regular job.

  • Monk

    Buffie body is so fine, but the face…hummm well she not so beautiful that she would appear stuck up or unapproachable. So its all good…I wouldn’t

    boo-her-up, but I do-er 4show

  • Ttime

    Those pictures are as OLD as HELL!!!

  • Shasta

    Who is this?????

  • candi

    She just aint cute. If all u got going for u is a big ass, its a damn shame…

  • Bahama Mama

    HEY big booty Judy….man i wish i coulda gone to her party

  • Aphatty

    Dude looks like a Lady – oh, er, I mean, Lady looks like a DUDE?

  • AND...

    First Delicioso and now this hoe. When will it end?

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    That’s wayyyyyy too much booty…lol

  • Tonya

    I am beyond tired of African-American women pandering to the least common denominator. They are simply prostituting themselves. The magazines and those who buy them are no better. The videos, the websites, the whole industry is such a debasing environment. In a perfect world, sex wouldn’t sell so damn much and so well. Unfortunately, it does, and these people just want to get paid.

  • Bahama Mama

    i don’t see why every1 is getting mad, it obvious these woman wanna do this so why block their hustle? every african-american women aint posing like them and every white woman ain’t jenna jameson soo get ova it. Some women don’t have the brains to go out there and get a 9-5 or run their own comany, they gotta do what they know how, so let them do it…

  • Mahogany

    Why is it when I see boots like these I think of Wonder woman??????????????????????????

  • SMDH!!

    @ Slimgoody;

    No – she’s making money from phucking for publicity.. If I were going to do either of the two, I’d much rather flash my ass then to be seen on tape sucking and phucking my man…

    You must be a black man because anyone else who wasn’t forced to think with their dyck would have been able to see the better of the two…

  • NAIS

    Those are some nice slate steps in the background. This is terribly classless, im sorry. Kayslay check your girl and get of of Dre’s dick plz

  • Delta Diva

    Did anyone watch hip hop vs America on BET , it was actually good, I have a new respect for Nelly, he has some very articulate statements, TI on the other hand-he was ok.

    Back to this though, Melyssa Ford made a great point, she said that black woman are not viewed by their brains, harwork, or intelligence, they are viewed by how big or how much they can shake certain body parts. Buffie is most def. apart of the problem.

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